DIY- Fun Christmas Votive

posted by Imtimenla Jamir December 7, 2016 0 comments

Christmas is around the corner and that means a lot of warm clothes, shopping, and decorations. Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we love Christmas for the warmth, the gifts, the food and the fact that winter comes with Christmas, makes it all the more special. For Christians like me, it is such a special occasion and it is hard to contain my excitement during this season. But again, as much as I love decorating my home, it can be a blow to my pocket. That’s when I try to come up with fun, useful and expense-friendly DIY’s, which I can make inside the comfort of my home. I have come up with a simple Christmas DIY hoping that it will help you decorate your home as much as it did to mine.

Raw materials

Glass bowl, thermocol red balls, thermocol, glue, paper, cutter, pencil, brush, jute thread.

Step 1:


Use the cutter to slice the thermocol into small pieces and then use your hands to mince it in fragments.

Step 2:


Then, apply glue generously on the glass bowl and spread it with the help of a brush. Sprinkle the thermocol all over the glass bowl. Make sure that the whole bowl is covered with a thick layer of thermocol.

step 3:



Now, take the thermocol balls and apply glue on its sides and then stick them together with the jute thread. Apply more glue on top to make sure that the balls stay intact to each other

Step 4:



Draw the outline of a leaf on a piece of paper and cut it neatly with the help of a scissor. Paste the paper leaf to the back of the thermocol balls.

Step 5:



Now that you have the thermocol balls and the paper leaf attached to the jute thread, tie it around the glass bowl.

There you go. You can make multiple bowls of this DIY and use it as decoration or keep candies for your guest. I hope you like the idea and would be delighted if you share more similar ideas.



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