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How to Design a Logo – The Pro Way

posted by kraftly September 28, 2015 1 Comment

When I am talking about how to design a logo, I am not going to ask you to take the logo quiz! We already know that the visual impact you have on your clients could very well be your first (or last) impression. You may not believe this, but the fact is everything you do and stand for is all reflected in your logo design. It is a symbolic representation after all. It is not just the beauty but the quality that tells people how serious and committed your brand is.

And honestly, if you are way too confused or think that the logo design needs some professional help; then stop reading this now. Better to be great with help than cry later about ruining your only logo symbolizing your brand. For those who still wish to enter the logo design phase; let’s take a look at how important this job is.

1. Unique

Yes. I understand and you might have heard this a lot. But you just have to stand up in the crowd. If your logo design isn’t different, it’ll smudge with every other in the market. The common mistake that people do is copy the company’s logo which is the top-notch in their field and use it. Like the Coca Cola logo got copied by Pepsi Cola. It took them a while, but then soon someone in the PepsiCo got the sense and altered it to stand out differently.

This act of emulation leads to a competitiveness that damages both the companies’ sales. Also it’s rather demeaning to your own brand if you copy someone’s logo design. It’s like, “Yeah. They are better, but you buy from me, please.” Customers catch that real quick. So you do not want to be following someone’s trend and constructing your logo design based on it.

2. Pure Identification

I could’ve said, “Let it speak what you are and what you do”, but that is not the right mantra. Instead your logo design should represent “How well you do your job and who you do it with.” I don’t see any coffee beans with Starbucks or a car on the Mercedes-Benz logo design. And I am pretty sure neither Puma nor Jaguar deal in the feline family. But their logo designs are symbols of their excellence, perfection and swiftness. So, go ahead and design what you feel (trust me, you can trust the feelings here). Just remember, that is what you will be associated with in the future. Bear it with pride, as the symbol of your work.

3. Appropriate Enough

Whilst I agree, your logo design is your bit of creativity and symbolism, never forget that a logo does need to verify what you deal in. It could be self-explanatory, of course. But in case it isn’t all that obvious, don’t fret much. Like I said before, let it be recognized by your clients via association. Use it liberally on everything you sell, service etc. let it grow in the market. The quality of your logo design will eventually be compared to the quality of your work. And once that happens; the logo will draw meaning from your work and thereby become appropriate to your work.

4. Design Principles

This has a lot to do with the logo design incorporating the right shape, hues and shadows while being designed. You can try and deny the importance of getting all these facets right, but the thing is if you stick to the right stuff on this level; that will be the only way you can come up with something substantial. Like you already know colors; when I say the reds and blacks or hot pink it’s something got to do with the fashion line and accessories. And if it’s the woody, musty shades; it’s got something to do with books or furniture or the likes. Also make sure the stuff looks good on monotone backgrounds.

Even the shapes will speak a different story in your logo design. The Mercedes-Benz would’ve hardly looked glamorous if it was in a triangle (shudder!). And obviously stick to the vector designing (with Adobe Illustrator or the likes) than with the pixilated logo designing. Clear, quality designing that resonates your style in its symbolism; is what you should have!

5. Typography

Ah! The text you use. Of course, you think that is easy; but trust me when I say that it isn’t. That needs to be perfected just as much as the imagery/ symbolizing needed to be worked upon. You have to not treat it like just a bunch of words. Instead look at it as the only few words you can get to your clients to depict who you are. Don’t overwhelm them with stuff that has depth and ideologies revolving around them, but don’t go for something meager and absurd that can be ignored or mocked upon either.

So all you logo designers out there, hope these tips would help you in designing the next world class logo the market would see. All you entrepreneurs looking to get your logo designed for your start-up, ensure you assign this task to a professional who follows the above rules!

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