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Introducing Krafts of India – The tale of Indian Handicrafts

posted by Tanvi Bajaj July 20, 2016 0 comments

Take a step closer towards Indian handicrafts and make them a part of your life instantly. With the launch of the Krafts of India, we present you the best of Indian art and crafts up, close and personal.

Crafts or Handicrafts are not just ‘items’ made by artisans but rather a story, a story that the artisan tells about his life, the culture, and traditions of his land. A handicraft is a unique expression holding in itself the myths, legends, folklores and traditions of the eras gone by.  A story of not just tradition but of skills that are passed down from generation to generation, undocumented but still prevalent, skills that represent the tradition and rich heritage of a country.

Our country, with its rich cultural heritage and diversity, holds many tales of such artisans crafting magic with their hands. Hidden in every corner of the country is a magician waiting to be discovered, to beautify your lives with the tales of his land.

Krafts of India is an endeavor by Kraftly to connect such artisans with global audiences. We are taking on the role of storytellers to help these weavers tell you their stories through their handcrafted products, their thoughts, and their ideologies.

We wish to create a global family where Indian artisans can Connect, Share and Grow with each other by selling and buying unique handmade products. Our main aim is to invoke a sense of community when a gift travels from the artist’s hands and is received by the hands of a collector in another part of India – truly representing the true Indian colors and diversity.

Today we bring to you 16 such crafts, that showcase the beauty and hard work put in by such craftsmen from all over the country.

From glorious Banarasi Silks to eclectic Ikat prints, vibrant Phulkaris to luxurious Madhubani, mesmerizing Kalamkari to ancient Dhokra art, we have it all for you under one roof.

Embark upon this joyous journey with us, to create beautiful dialogues with artisans from all over the country. Join us as we take you to different parts of the country to explore crafts as old as time at itself, rediscover your roots and infuse your life with tales told by these beautiful products.

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