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Redecorate Office Space With These Very Helpful Tips

posted by kraftly March 12, 2016 1 Comment

Your office is your home away from home – it not only inspires your professional work but also speaks volumes about your business. A dull office is the last thing you want to revisit everyday – while working we want to sit and work in an environment that makes us feel good.

The most productive offices typically balance the comfort of a home with the professional image and resources one needs to get work done. Whether you’ve just started with a new office, or are hunting for tips to redecorate office space, these useful tips and products are sure to help you breathe new life into your work space.

First Things First – Declutter & Organise

Before you go out buying new items for your office, declutter your workspace and get more organised. Keep your office supplies well organised by storing the stationary in pen stands, holders, jars and other containers.

redecorate office - pen stand

Use business card holders instead of the just letting your cards be in the box they came in – this will make it easy to pull them out when you going for a meeting. You can also hanging storage containers and wooden cups for all the pins, clips and staples.

redecorate office - DIY pen stand

Go for storage boxes or even a magazine holder to keep your notepads, files and folders tidy.

redecorate office - DIY book case

If you like to get your drinks and refreshments to your desk, invest in a set of table coasters that aren’t too flashy and fit right in with your office environment.

redecorate office - coasters

Cord Control

We need to detangle all the cords and wires to keep a neat office desk – use clips or even binder clips to arrange all the charging cables, USB and other wires in an easy-to-use way.

redecorate office - cord control

That Antique Feel

Add a vintage touch to your office desk with a book reading magnifying glass or a globe.

redecorate office - magnifying glass

Getting The Perfect Desk

With desks, only the best will do! There is nothing like a solid wooden desk to work on – get your’s made by a carpenter according to your own designs if you don’t fancy a ready-made one that’s available in the market. But one desk isn’t enough – you need to have a few small tables or even side tables to place all your office supplies and other decorative items like a small tabletop plant.

redecorate office - table

A back pain or eye strain is the last thing you want to face at work. The desk and chair height should be optimum so that’s it’s comfortable for you to spend long hours on. For proper lighting, ensure you use lights that emit a pleasing colour like off-white – a colour like stark white will put more strain on your eyes in the long run.

Lastly, handle the ergonomics and comfort of your office by ensuring comfortable seating for yourself, your employees and your clients. This will make for a happier and more healthier work environment.

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